Parts for Greenhouses

We carry parts for greenhouses, V&V Noordland greenhouses  , DACE, just to name a few.

Complete greenhouse systems from benching to push pull and cable driven shade systems.

Contact us for all your parts for greenhouses, Imported or North American made.

Insulated wall systems & Ventilation

Ask about our new 16mm wall systems with extra high insulation value bottom insu-panels

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We sell "sandwich" panels as a great alternative to basic bottom-sill material.

Monthly shipments of greenhouse glazing and structure materials such as glass & polycarbonate materials

Browse through our photo gallery, its just a small collection of items and parts available.

General Info

About our parts !

Parts for greenhouses, V&V Noordland greenhouses, Greenhouse systems , Repair bars for Venlo greenhouses, DeGier motors and drive systems, Alumat Zeeman parts. Shade systems shade fabric Ludvig Svensson USA Microgrow greenhouse systems

We carry all types of greenhouse drive systems !

We carry the DeGier drive systems motors and drive materials.

From couplings and limit switch parts to  complete motor reduction gear units and rack & pinion system parts for both  swinging vent systems and truss-rail vent systems. 

DeGier GW motors in various HP and Rpm's available in different voltages for both 1phase and 3phase

Plant cart track system rails

We carry plant cart track rail systems. An easy to use track that will hold your carts in place and inline. The unique design let the swivel wheel turn around with ease, no damage to wheel.

This is a great alternative to concrete.

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